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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Yahoo MyWeb better than, rollyo, for Personal / Group Learning

I've been a user of and have spent time experimenting with quite a few of the different social bookmarking and search tools. Certainly, there are some interesting tools out there including: Rollyo,, Magnolia, and the list gets really long. Check out these lists for a bunch more:

But, I've come to the conclusion to move from to Yahoo's MyWeb 2.0. It provides all of the features I'm currently looking for in a personal learning, social search solution:

  1. Searching within the contents of my bookmarked pages
  2. Page caching (so I don't lose the pages I've bookmarked)
  3. Control on sharing of bookmarks (private, friends or public)
  4. Categories of Friends (so I can have family, work, etc.)
  5. Web Badge for Integration into my Blog

And there's the little fact that Yahoo acquired and so to me it seems that I can trust Yahoo to continue to build in this space and they likely are not going away.

My only problems are:

  • My Web 2.0 is still beta and is a little buggy
  • I need more people to use it so I get more value (but we'll probably all be using it soon when gets sucked in)

By the way, if you decide to give it a try, drop me a message and we can link up as friends.

Note: while Yahoo also offers a blog, an RSS reader, social networking, I'm not planning on switching to those Yahoo services anytime soon. Instead, I'll continue to use:

  • Bloglines as my RSS Aggregator/Reader. I just like it better than Yahoo's current version.
  • Blogger as my Blog engine. I like it better than the current blog engine.
  • LinkedIn as a networking tool. Has critical mass for me to get value.

Oh, and I already also use Yahoo Groups as my Group front-end, so no need to switch there.


Anonymous said...

In the sentence "I've been a users of", there should not be an "s" or "users".

Your link to LinkedIn has an extra "m" on "com", i.e., it says "http://www.linkedin.comm/"

Anonymous said...

The links to the comments aren't working, the intial parts of the urls are dupicated.


doesn't work. Remove the duplicated portion "", leaving "" and the links work.

Tony Karrer said...

Suezannec - thanks for the edits. Appreciate it. I can't duplicate the error around the comments. Which link are you clicking?