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Friday, March 31, 2006

Virtual Classroom Tools Survey

Learning Circuits just published the results of their survey around Virtual Classroom tools. There are a couple of interesting charts.


* Technical still at top - but going down
* Lack of engagement and lack of interaction are rising fast

Interestingly, "unskilled facilitators" is going down as a challenge, but given the lack of engagement and lack of interaction going up, I'm not so sure. That's normally what I find to be the biggest challenge.

Top Tools:

* WebEx and LiveMeeting top the list and are going up in market share
* Centra and Interwise appear to be losing marketshare

Interestingly, there was no "other" category. It seems that there are lots of solutions in the market that aim to be lower cost. I would be surprised if there aren't a lot of entrants based on open-source, low-cost solutions offering services over the next two years. TeamSpeak is a feely available audio conferencing system. Good web conferencing can't be far behind. Putting a low-cost service together based on these two would be easy.

1 comment:

Tze said...

If you add up the response numbers in the tools question [#5], the 2007 total is smaller than 2006. [?]

Yeah, I'm wondering what that missing "Other" data series might reveal...

Is there a new player in the market? Is TeamSpeak really targeted for elearning?


I didn't expect Interwise to lose so much market share [over 50%]!! My company's w/ Interwise, and I don't really see any problems with it except for some firewall issues pushing the client software to our external customers. I'm guessing WebEx and Microsoft out-sold them, but let me know if you see technical advantages over Interwise.