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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Virtual Classroom Instruction - Resources

Several people at my recent Training 2006 panel on Blended Learning asked for additional information on building skills in virtual classroom instruction.

I enlisted the help of a couple of people who know quite a bit about this, namely Karen Hyder (who runs online sessions for the eLearningGuild and consults around this) and Ann Kwinn (who works with Ruth Clark … and is co-authoring a book with her on this very subject). Karen also enlisted help from Bill Bateman. So, between the four of us, here’s what we have:

Articles, Documents and Whitepapers:

Behind the Screens
Harnassing the Virtual Classroom
The Road to Success is Paved with Preparation
Teach in Your Pajamas
How to facilitate e-Learning Courses
eLearn Mag: Being an Online Learner & Professor
eLearningGuild and WebEx: 834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction
Virtual Classroom Starter Guide
Motivating Online Learners
Synchronous Exercises From Scratch
Making Synchronous Training a Success - The role of the online instructor-facilitator
Facilitating Every Student in an Online Course
What Makes a Successful Online Student
Online Interaction


How to Leverage Virtual Classroom Technology for Successful Training and Webinars - Clark Training

Jennifer Hoffman from Insync Training does periodic training on this.

Karen Hyder will do training and coaching around this.

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