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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Training that Sucks Blog - Mildly Amusing Problem

I needed to share this experience...

I got a notification that the folks at "Training that Sucks" had linked to me.

Of course, when a blog called that links to you, you had better visit!

Now that I think of it, great way to get people to visit your site. :)

But, then I had a weird experience, they had a post that mentioned: "And yes, to answer the most frequently asked question, we’re working on an RSS feed." but I just got their content through an RSS feed. I looked at my subscription, and sure enough, I hadn't used FeedYes or some trick like that to grab stuff from them.

So, I figured I would tell them about their RSS feed, only to not be able to find contact information on the blog.

Of course, it was simple communication problem. They have contact information back on their main site and its just not apparent from the blog page that I reached through the RSS feed.

There must be a joke in here somewhere. Or maybe it's Friday afternoon.

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