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Monday, March 20, 2006

Is eLearning 2.0 Meaningful? - You Vote

I've been seeing lots of discussion around whether Web 2.0 is meaningful as a term and similarly is eLearning 2.0 meaningful. I've put some links to interesting posts on this topic, but thought I'd put this into a poll as well. I've also created a listible list so that (if you register) you can vote on the eLearning 2.0 resources and add your own resources to be voted on.

FYI - RSS readers won't see the poll or maybe even the links.

Some reading on eLearning 2.0 to help you decide:

Web 2.0 Makes Me Cringe

Does eLearning 2.0 Make a Difference?

E-learning 2.0, whatever that is

What is eLearning 2.0?

Is E-Learning 2.0 For Real?

Whatever you call it, it's yummy

Blackboard Beyond Cites eLearning 2.0 as Part of Their Plans

A place where you can add your own reading items and vote on the above items:

Listible List

By the way, there must be a better way to vote on each of those links (especially where no registration is required). If you know of such a tool, please leave me a comment or send me email.

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