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Friday, March 10, 2006

RSS Feeds from Static Magazines

Based on a great article from Robin Good on How to create RSS feeds from static web pages.

I've been dismayed that many of the magazines that I read don't have RSS feeds for their primary content. So, I experimented with creating feeds to various publications and found that some worked well and others didn't.

FeedYes - was the easiest to use but since I've run into a few roadblocks I'm going to try each of them a bit more. The primary barrier was whether the publications provided links with meaningful text associated with the links on the page. Training Magazine and CLO Magazine also had barriers in terms of extraneous ads, or complex structures that Feed Yes couldn't get through. But the following worked well, and you can subscribe to see the results.

I'm also unable to use FeedYes to solve a problem I just had the other day. I wanted to be able to make a TagCloud or ZoomCloud off of the Training 2005 & 2006 schedules. Both of those systems required an RSS feed. So, I then tried to convert HTML to RSS, but none of the solutions out there worked very well especially since the site is dynamically generated.

Learning Circuits

eLearn Magazine

LTI Newsline

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