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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Federal Student Aid for Online Only Degrees

I saw this on Educational Technology. Interesting...

Teaching and Learning Online - Education World
Congress recently passed a bill that ended the requirement that colleges deliver
at least half their courses on campus (as opposed to online) in order for their
students to qualify for federal student aid. Surely, that change is a sign that
online learning finally has achieved a certain degree of legitimacy -- at least
among lawmakers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Try to rate FEDERAL STUDENT AID and you will agree with me that many students go for many concrete reasons.We all agree that there are so many loan opportunities offered by many institutions and many students are actually going for them. But let's get it straight that although many institutions give out loans, most of them will require you to pay at very high interest rates leading to a lot of pressure when it comes to paying them back. But with all these offers, sometimes its hard to land into a decision on the loan you should consider going for. Federal should stick!