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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Training Magazine Network Now Bringing You eLearning Learning

I'm really excited today.  We get to finally announce that eLearning Learning has partnered with Training Magazine Network.   These two industry leaders in online learning and training bring together their extensive content and community offerings to form the largest eLearning offering on the Web.

When you visit the eLearning Learning site, you probably won't notice that much different.  You see a new logo.  But the important thing is that there's still great content on the site every day - oh hey, Karl Kapp just wrote about Gamification - hold on, let me check that out.  And if you are like me, you can't visit the site all the time, so you should sign up for a Personalized Newsletter on the right.


The bigger change is described by Ray Jimenez, CEO of Training Magazine Network, a fellow blogger and likely someone many of you know.  He tells us:

Online learning and training is a dynamic and growing industry. It’s not easy for our industry professionals to stay current on all of the important analysis, information and how-to pieces available. A critical element of our value is providing the kind of in-depth thinking and research that is brought together in eLearingLearning’s site and newsletter. Our members need this kind of information to stay at the top of their game, and is the best place for them to do just that.

Ray is now putting eLearning Learning content front and center on their site and in newsletters.  You can see it in action below.  There's Karl's post.


Looking forward to more great things for eLearning Learning.