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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More on ASTD Keynote

I know that Jon didn't create his post - ASTD TechKnowledge Comments in order to get me to post and link to him. But it certainly made my day when he said -
It was Tony Karrer (number one eLearning Blogger) who was awarded my five stars for his engaging Thursday morning opening speech that put David Pogue’s message in a context that made sense for attendees.
Considering that David Pogue is always highly entertaining and engaging - and plays the piano and sings at his presentations - I was somewhat worried having to be the next day's keynote following such a dynamic presenter. But in many ways, Jon is exactly right that David set the stage discussing Twitter and other aspects of social media. I was able to come in and discuss what that means for Concept Workers and for learning professionals.

If you want get a sense of what I discussed in the keynote - go to ASTD Follow-Up.

Thanks for the nice words Jon.

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