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Monday, February 16, 2009

Mobile Learning Content Community Launched

Mobile Learning

I'm happy to announce that Judy Brown today officially launched the Mobile Learning Content Community. This uses the same technology behind eLearning Learning.

Judy is THE person I have gone to for years for anything having to do with mobile learning. It's great to have her pull together content and bloggers into this community. In other words, Judy is marking good content she comes across as well as bringing in content from top bloggers in the space such as: Cell Phones in Learning, Golden Swamp, mLearning is Good, mLearning-World, mLearning: beyond the digital divide, mLearnopedia Blog, Mobile Commons, MobilED, MobileDot, moblearn, and uLearning Blog.

I've personally not subscribed to these individual blogs, but I've just subscribe to the feed from this site in order to have Judy continue to feed me good stuff. Thanks Judy!

By the way, if you ever have a chance to attend one of Judy's sessions where she shows examples of mobile learning - you should definitely go.


Scott Mooney said...

I was on eLearning Learning just the other day while looking for feedback on various corporate e-Learning content providers, and I've got to tell you that the site is pretty hard to understand at first. First, I thought it was a news service of some kind. Then I noticed that none of the content looked original. Then I started to get lost in and among the links very quickly.

My point is that most people have become accustomed to two different layouts and environments - the typical news service (cnn, washpost, nytimes, etc.) and the blog. We know what we're going to get, we know how to navigate, we know who said what and when. I realize, after going back to it now, that all of this information is there but certainly not like I've come to expect. This site took a long time for me to comprehend, and I would consider myself at least marginally accomplished at Web usage.

I love what you said about Judy's new service, I just hope she can present her pulled together content in a way that is more customer friendly.


Tony Karrer said...

Hi Kiwanji,

Thanks for the feedback. We've been trying to figure out ways to make the site more understandable. I agree that if this was a pure news or pure blog or even if it was a normal aggregator, it would be easier to understand. Because it's a little bit different, it's harder to grasp - but clearly we need to make it easier.

I think the closest analogy is TechMeme or Digg. What do you think of those interfaces?

Anonymous said...

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