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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Computer-Based Training Improves Neuropsychological Status Scores

Hat tip to Donald Clark for pointer to a Science Daily article - Improving Brain Processing Speed Helps Memory:
Mayo Clinic researchers found that healthy, older adults who participated in a computer-based training program to improve the speed and accuracy of brain processing showed twice the improvement in certain aspects of memory, compared to a control group.
For an hour a day, five days a week for eight weeks, study participants worked on computer-based activities in their homes.
six auditory exercises designed to help the brain improve the speed and accuracy of processing. For example, participants were asked to distinguish between high- and low-pitched sounds. To start, the sounds were slow and distinct. Gradually, the speed increased and separation disappeared.
experimental group's memory function increased about 4 percent over the baseline measured at the study's onset.
I've seen the studies of the impact of mental activities like crossword puzzles and Sudoku to keep brains healthy. But it is good to see it translate to computer-based solutions. In this case it was by Posit Science.

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