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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SharePoint in Corporate Learning - Free Micro Virtual Conference

Here's a link to the videos from this session - SharePoint in Corporate Learning Videos.

Update Dec 2009 - We are in the process of getting learning professionals to discuss the use of SharePoint for Learning. Please see SharePoint for Learning Professionals and connect with me around it.

At the end of our Learn Trends conference last year, one of the comments was that we needed to do smaller versions in an on-going basis. Well we are going to start exactly that. (And this also helps me work on making my eLearning Prediction #11 - Micro Virtual Conferences come true.)

We will be starting with the topic:

SharePoint in Corporate Learning

Live Sessions:
  • Tuesday March 10, 8 - 10 AM Pacific
  • Thursday March 12 from 8 - 9 AM Pacific
Community discussion will occur in between.

If you are interested in attending, go to the Learn Trends Ning Site and sign-up. We will make announcements through that site.

The first day will be several presenters showing and telling what they've done with SharePoint. The second day is discussion and conclusions.

A lot of what will be shown is described at a high level in Using SharePoint and Examples of eLearning 2.0.

Presenters and Volunteers Needed

I have several presenters lined up, but I'm hoping that I will find a couple more people who are interested in showing what they are doing with SharePoint. If you are interested in presenting drop me an email:

I would also like to find volunteers who have experience organizing, moderating, recording online sessions. Experience with one of the following would be helpful:
  • Elluminate
  • Adobe Connect
  • Camtasia (or another recording tool)
If you can volunteer to help, please drop me an email:


Mark Sylvester said...

Tony, this is great that you are doing this. I wish I could attend in person, so am anxious to get links to any presentations or podcasts of the sessions.

My specific interest is piqued as a result of several conversations in the last 8 weeks from prospects that are considering conjoining introNetworks and Sharepoint (with MySite as well). As there is an overlap with only one aspect of our platform, I think this might be a good combination, hence why I think this will be good content (that I hate to miss).

Anonymous said...

Tony, thanks for the invitation!

I'm putting together a summary for you on how I'm using SharePoint for learning, collaboration and community-building.

Looking forward to doing some learning, too.

I've already retweeted your announcement.