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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

T+D Webcast - Social Networking and Learning

Tony O'Driscoll, Paula Ketter and I did a webcast for T+D - ASTD's publication today. Unfortunately, we ran into a few technical issues. For example, I was trying to demonstrate elements of my blog and found out that folks were not seeing anything. Ouch. Rookie move not to ask if everyone was seeing it. There was also the issue that we had a heck of a time getting into the system in the first place. I'm sure lots of other people experienced it - and weren't able to get in.

All that said, it was fun to participate in the session. Tony O'Driscoll did a comparison of the evolution of Web 1.0 to 2.0 and Learning 1.0 to Learning 2.0. It's a bit different than my comparison of eLearning 1.0 to 1.3 to 2.0. But similar in nature. It's a question of what happens as production moves from being owned by the training organization to one where SMEs and learners are more responsible.

Tony's examples were brief, but interesting:
  • Wikis
    • Product updates/news
    • Project management
  • Podcasts
    • Communications
    • Sales / Field Force
  • Collective Intelligence
    • Predictive markets
  • Social Networking
    • New Hires
    • Communities of Practice
One of the questions we got was: How do you start as a Learning Professional?
  • Start with yourself and your work group
  • Adopt tools that are free and password protected
  • Build champions and skills to grow in your organization
I couldn't keep up with the other questions, but there was actually some good stuff that we discussed.

The associated links:
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Manish said...

Hi Tony,

The links to the two articles don't seem to be working. Can you please correct them.


Tony Karrer said...

Thanks Manish. I've updated the links. Hopefully they work now.

Don Bolen said...

Tony, I've had bad experiences with this web conferencing application; it's PC-centric and kludgey. Hopefully the association will move to a "mainstream" product that support MAC and other OS users.