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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Help Needed - Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovation

As I recently announced, I'm helping George Siemens to organize Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations.

When you go to the conference page via the link above, you can see that it's a big wiki. People are already in putting in their names, ideas, etc.

There's also a link to the To Do page. Currently, this page lists some tasks that I'm sure I could figure out how to do, but I'm hoping that some reader might be willing to take on...
  1. Add .vcf files next to each session to allow people to add to their calendar.
  2. Add a Google Calendar for the event?
  3. Add link for time conversion
  4. Add help links for editing the Wiki
  5. Blog tag? "CLTI" has been suggested. Add a page that might show what bloggers are writing about the conference.
  6. Let conference calendars know about this event
I'm sure more of these will come up.

Can anyone help?


Anonymous said...


Started to contribute!! :) Trying to get a handle on the resources that will be used to run the conference. I assume the wiki will play as advanced organizer and information portal 'village center' style.

What tools are planned for use for the live sessions?

Are mechanisms being dropped into place for capturing and continuing discussion 'tent style' using forums and the like?

One of the reasons that I ask is that the to do list is great. A forum with a to do category might be better for folks to respond with 'i got it' 's and suggestions for forward paths.

This discussion is something that could employ just such a mechanism:)

Started work on the Add to Outlook function (added one event file .ics to the Kick-off) Since there are only a handful of events - I worked the lazy / fast way vice trying to come up with an automated script (PHP / ASP). If you're thinking something different - I'm willing and able.

Tony Karrer said...

Steve -

1. The live sessions will be done with Elluminate. We will also be using other tools. Not sure yet what these will be.

2. Forums will be used for on-going discussions. Not sure what "tent style" means.

3. I like the idea of using the forums for the To Dos, I'm not sure when they are going to be set up.

4. I was thinking just having the .vcf files attached to the session so that when people click on it they would have it added to their calendar. I'm open to alternatives. Maybe Google Calendar does this automagically?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony - by tent style, I mean people go to their large tents to work discussions. I've seen one other conference done in the completely online style. It was nice, though it was understructured and relied on asynchronous events.

'Tents' were setup for certain times during the day to block off time / encourage people to participate during that period. These were really just forums or threads that were pre-built, locked > unlocked > locked again at the close of the tent period. A wiki could be used for this as well. Creates pressure to focus.

Asynchronous facilities could be used in a couple of modes - timed / closed and open to tune the discussion).

Yeah - I used regular icf files from Outlook to link the 'add to calendar'. vcf is for contact info, didn't think you wanted those:) I uploaded these to my site host - didn't see an attach files option in the mediaWiki implementation.

Tony Karrer said...

Steve, it appears the time zones are wrong or at least coming into my calendar wrong, can you check that?

All times are CST.

Anonymous said...

Oops, my bad. Reworked the zulu - all should be good / better now.

Might be a good idea to collect email addy's and IM contact info for folks assisting:) Will help to put a quick end to any production pushed issues (since we don't have a dev / test tier) - loose and fast requires strong comms.


Tony Karrer said...

Thanks again Steve.

Steve, good idea on contact info. Send me an email with your contact info when you can.

I'm hoping that a few other folks will step up as well.

Anonymous said...

I think there are a couple of CLO / CTO listserves and groups that might help spread the word.

A punchy marketing slick might help too. I can help with each of these (#1 indirectly, #2 directly).