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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Site Meter Removed - Google Analytics Instead

Just a quick note that I've been using SiteMeter and Google Analytics for a while now on my blog. As I've reached 500 visitors a day on the site, I've found that SiteMeter didn't really allow for the detail information I wanted. It was nice as a quick hit information source and I'd still recommend say it was good as a starter approach to getting statistics. On the other hand, it's tough to beat Google Analytics, especially for the price (free).


Anonymous said...

Interesting. As part of my research for my dissertation, I installed two meters: Google Analytics and Performancing Metrics.

I found that Google analytics didn't work with Firefox, and I found that the two metrics disagreed with each other - Performancing has me as a lot more popular!


Brian Dusablon said...

Keep us posted on your experience with GA. I am looking at Mint and GA for my sites.

R said...

A great tool that you should check out is GoStats. There are no data limits for your detailed stats, and you get all your information in real time or near real time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, did you consider the publicity into account? I mean... I'm looking for a solution to show my site statistic to the public. But seem Google Analytics doesn't do the work.

Tony Karrer said...


That's a really good point. SiteMeter allows other people to see the stats. I don't think Google does.

That's not something all that important to me, but I'm sure it is to other people.

Dangger said...

Google analytics does work with Firefox. I love it but thought I was missing something because a lot of people have sitemeter in their blogs and sites.

Turns out people who have tried both, usually prefer Google analytics. I think I'll stick to Google then.

I don't mind people seeing my statistics but I don't really like their little icon at the bottom of the page. I guess its their way to advertise their product.