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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flattered - Really?

Donald Taylor was kind enough to choose me as Blog of the Week with some flattering comments, but he also made me laugh...
You’ll notice a passing resemblance between Tony’s photo and that of chisel-jawed motivational speaker Tony Robbins. I am assured that they are no more related than I am to suave master spy Roger Moore.
I've put relevant photos below. Uh Donald, ...

Tony Karrer

Tony Robbins

Donald Taylor

Roger Moore


Anonymous said...

Oh, no - Don's chosen the wrong icon. I've already said that you look like George Clooney... if your profile photo is anything to go by!

test said...

Now, that's a story. It helps to have fun!

Tony Karrer said...

Karyn, that's very nice of you. I guess my profile is not anything to go by.

Anonymous said...

Tony :-D I take your word for it! However, I live in hope that I will one day make it to one of the conferences I keep being jealous about and find out for myself. By the time I get around to it, I'll have such a long list of things to achieve, I might not have time to attend any of the sessions:

-Check if Tony K looks like George Clooney
-Finally meet Harold Jarche in person and see if we have as much to talk about f2f as we do online
-Buy Stephen Downes a beer and talk about the uncertainty of certainty
-Find Janet Clarey and give her a hug
-Find Vicki Davis (if she's there) and do likewise
-Join the beer swilling crowd at the end of the day and disrupt things by demanding a cider

The list goes on... I hope the conference is long enough for me to fit all of this in!

Tony Karrer said...

Karyn, you really need to get to some events! :-)

Oh, and if you are expecting George Clooney, you should - learn to live with disappointment -

Name the movie, anyone?