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Monday, November 05, 2007

LMS - Questions

I'm about to present at the LMS session at DevLearn. Lance just asked everyone for the key questions they have given where they are. I wanted to capture this to be able to come back and talk about a few of these items later:
  • What are the benefits, ROI, outcomes to be expected from LMS implementation?
  • What are the implementation, acquisition, options - insource, outsource, build vs. buy?
  • What are the challenges and pitfalls of integrating with multiple learning sources?
  • How do you train and support staff so they use the system effectively?
  • How does the LMS support or enhance curriculum planning?
  • How complicated do you make it? Should you just get going with an LMS or wait until you really know what you need (which might take years)?
  • How do you get buy-in from staff and organization?
  • What are the costs? What's reasonable?
  • How do you integrate with other tools and databases?
  • What is the future for LMS products?
  • Does the LMS help with eCommerce?
  • Do you want to couple LCMS and LMS selection?
  • Is it a good idea to have an integrator handling the LMS (Accenture, IBM, ACS, etc.)?
  • How long does it take to select and implement?
  • Make or buy?
  • Migrating from one LMS to another?
  • How do you deal with more than one LMS?

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