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Thursday, October 25, 2007

eLearning Examples

I just saw Cathy Moore's great post - Elearning samples. She points to quite a few

Where was this when we were doing the Big Question - What are the examples of eLearning?

Which gave us links to the following:

It would be great to see more of these emerging. If you know of other examples, please drop me a note.

Oh and one of her comments mentioned: Build a sod house.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at From their website: "BrainPOP is a pioneering developer of engaging, animated content that motivates and inspires children to learn."

The site inspires by educating with intelligence and humor...edutainment at its best.

linda england

Anonymous said...

linda england can be reached at linda [at] beachrunners [dot] com

Tony Pinto said...

These are great examples. I recently attended a Convergence Technology Council (CTC) meeting in which Dr. Andre Valente of Adelo ( presented his company's work developing language and cultural training programs primarily in use by the military. Very interesting stuff involving video game virtual environments and artificial intelligence. It sure beats trying to learn the local language and culture from a book, especially when your life is on the line!

Tony Pinto said...

Actually, the company referenced previously is Alelo (, sorry. I believe the term means language in Hawaiian.