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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

DevLearn - Let's Meet

If you are attending DevLearn and you are reading this, please let me know by leaving a comment or connecting with me in some way. It is always nice to meet with readers and other bloggers at conferences.


Tim Martin said...

Tony... I've been reading and enjoying your blog for about three months. I'd love to catch you at DevLearn (I'll be there throughout). You can reach me at tim.martin at scorm dot com if you're searching.


B.J. Schone said...

Tony - I'll be there. And...did we ever settle on a date/time/venue for the beer outing? If so, please let me know - I'm definitely interested.

Richard Sheehy said...

I'll be attending my first DevLearn. I would enjoy meeting you in San Jose. I can be reached at

Tony Karrer said...

BJ, Tim and Richard - look forward to meeting both of you. I plan to be at the opening reception. I'm 6'6" - 42 years old - look like I may play beach volleyball when I'm not at a conference - hopefully you can find me based on that. Let's meet at taht and grab drinks/dinner after that?

But if you see me before, please introduce yourself. BTW, I'm horrible with names, so if I blank, please forgive me.

Wow - I'm sharing way too much here. :)

Joe Deegan said...

I will be at DevLearn and in your E-Learning 2.0 presentation. We can touch base then. Thanks for the invite.

Ryan Moore said...

Hey Tony - I'll be attending DevLearn and would love to connect while I'm there. I'm 6'5" and look like I can stand to play a bit more outdoors.