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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Articulate, Captivate, Dreamweaver and Lectora Tops in eLearning Authoring Tool Satisfaction

I was somewhat surprised that my post: Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Tool Satisfaction didn't generate more interest. You can see the detailed view of the sat numbers here.

This data shows that the Articulate tools, Adobe Captivate and Dreamweaver and Lectora are near the top for elearning course authoring. While tools such as Toolbook and Authorware are down a bit.

What surprised me is that there wasn't more discussion around this. Is this just common knowledge these days? Do people buy this?


Gabe Anderson said...

It's certainly great news to see our tools at the top of these satisfaction lists. It really reflects our commitment to awesome products and excellent customer support. But then again, I'm just a little biased. :)

BTW, Tony- it looks like the text of this post got cut off before the end.

Gabe Anderson
Director of Customer Support
Articulate - Empowering Rapid E-Learning

Tony Karrer said...

And what's interesting is that it appears that maybe only Articulate is active in the blog world? Kudos.

Jesse Ezell said...

I buy it. Articulate software has been winning awards from just about everywhere. Now, if I saw a list where we weren't near the top, then I'd be suspicious. ;).

Maddie said...

I work for an eLearning company as an Instructional Designer. We use Captivate for creating simulations and demonstrations in our projects. We have even tried Siebel Simbuilder and RWD Infopacks, but by far the experience and facilities with Captivate are much better. We still use Flash - which provides more classy output as compared to Lectora.

Madhura Kanekar

Akula Shashikanth said...

Have you Tried RapideL Enhance and Discover it is best authoring tools Authoring using MS word

Sushant said...

Can i get cost comaprison between other E-Learning Tools like Articulate, Captivate, Dreamweaver, Knowledge Presenter, Lectora.

Also I think Knowledge Presenter has more features as compare to other authoring Tool.


Lloyd D'Souza said...


I have used toolbook and Adobe Captivate. I like Captivate better. I'll take a look at Articulate if there is a trial pack or so - ok ... I see they have the try link right on the homepage :P. Thanks for all the info.

Hilarie said...

Hi Tony! We are in the process of picking a tool and all of the tools you listed did rise to the top of our list (as we evaluated over 20 different tools first hand)... from my perspective, there might not have been too much discussion about it, as us old timers are still bummed that Authorware isnt' supported...

All my best to you!
thanks for your help earlier this year,
Hilarie Sellers - Raytheon Technical Services Company.

Dann said...

We are also in the process of looking for a product to create e-learning courses. We are also a 3D animation and multi-media production house, so we are looking for a package that has good multi-media capabilities and flexibility whilst giving us some structure and simplicity in implementing the interactive elements. What ever happened to Adobe Director? Is this still used much for e-learning?

Tony Karrer said...

Director lost out to Flash.

Mike Foster said...

We decided to begin developing web-based training for or industrial clients and I chose ToolBook because I was familiar with it from a Masters Program I was in 6 years ago. My professor advised against it mentioning major issues, but we baought it anyway. BIG MISTAKE! Probably the greatest mistake I have made is my 13 years as a business owener. Problems with the program and poor (non-existent) response from the company led us to Articuilate. My course developer has minimal experience with authoring softwarer, but the product she produces with Articulate is excellent. Our clients love it. Final score Articulate 1; ToolBook 0