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Thursday, March 08, 2007

More on Blogger Meta Tag Issue

A couple of comments came in on my post Important Notice to Blogger Blog Owners that made me realize I hadn't included a full description of what I ended up doing.

As a reminder the problem is that Blogger had inserted:
<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW"$gt
This tells the Google spider not to index this page.

To get rid of it, you can remove:

However, this also removes a few other lines from your file that includes your autodiscovery of RSS feeds. So, what you really want to do is:

  1. Go to your blog
  2. View Source - Original
  3. See if you have the NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW
  4. If you do, then keep that View Source window open
  5. Go to Blogger
  6. Edit your template and remove the BlogMetaData tag
  7. Preview your Blog
  8. View Source - with it removed
  9. Copy all the lines in the Original that it had been inserting except for the ROBOTS
  10. Paste those into your template manually
  11. Preview
  12. Save

Unfortunately, this means that future changes by Blogger to Meta Data you won't get automatically. Of course, getting NOFOLLOW was a great new feature for them to add.


thcrawford said...

Thanks for brining up this topic. It may be that this happens for people who were on the original version and upgraded. I started on the new version of Blogger. I just checked out my page to be sure. It does have a NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW piece, but it's wrapped in an IF statement that says to do a NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW only if the page is marked private, which I think is something people want. That was the only reference on the page to that function. So, maybe their upgrade had a bug that forgot to wrap the clause in an if statement. Just wondering...

Amit Agarwal said...

There's was actually a bug in Blogger that inserted the NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW tag.

It has been fixed now by Google so you can safely put the BlogMetaData tag back into your template.

Adam from Google confirmed that here.

Tony Karrer said...

It did have something to do with upgrading.

And Amit, as of this morning, it still has this feature/bug.

If I insert the BlogMetaData tag this morning, it will stick in the NOFOLLOW.

Basically, if you find it in your pages, then the bug exists for you and you should take it out.

rlubensky said...

I also use new Blogger, but my ISP serves my content. Also, I've edited my template a couple of times and republished since upgrading. I have meta lines but NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW does not show up.