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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

eLearning Course Authoring Tool Satisfaction - More

Someone posted a comment in my previous post on Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Tool Satisfaction asking whether I had used RapideL. The answer is that I've only seen it demoed. But when I looked back at my post, I realized that I had cut off quite a few authoring tools because I had only included reports where the number of evaluations was 15 or more. So, I've redone the graphics to include those with more than 5 responses. Honestly, if you got less than five responses and you fit into this category, you aren't very mainstream (and there are a few still left out.)

You can see the graphics at (my blog doesn't handle them well):

Some notes:

On course authoring tools Raptivity, Elicitus, Knowledge Presenter, KnowledgePlanet On-Demand join the ranks of the Articulate tools, Adobe's Captivate and Dreamweaver and Trivantis Lectora. I have more direct experience with these tools than I do with any of the others and certainly having a larger response base and higher marketshare counts for something.

On the rapid eLearning side of things Apple's Keynote remains at the top (and that's somewhat surprising to me). KnowledgePlanet On-Demand joins this list as well. And there's quite a bit of cross-over between the two lists. Which suggests the line between the two is fuzzy - and it is.

So where's RapideL? It's towards the lower-end of satisfaction on rapid eLearning authoring tools.

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