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Monday, March 12, 2007

Supporting New Managers

Ray Sims has been doing great stuff over on his blog: Sims Learning Connections. I've just read his answer to this month's big question - What Would You Do to Support New Managers? - Supporting New Managers With Informal Learning - good stuff. Worth taking a look at.

While I'm on it - one of the most important aspects of helping managers transition is to effectively support and coach them over time. The question is always how do they get that coaching support.

Some of the most effective performance interventions that I've been involved in targets both the performer and their manager with regular on-going support.

In this case, new managers, I would certainly target their managers with regular (every two weeks) email messages giving them specific conversation topics.

This is not quite as effective of a design as I've done in the past because I've always received commitment from the individuals on an Action Plan. But, still just reminding and helping to spark the right conversations (right Jay?) is key.

Speaking of which - how about regular conference calls with fellow new managers to discuss issues?

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