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Monday, September 21, 2009

LearnTrends 2009 - Free Online Conference

George Siemens, Jay Cross and Tony Karrer are pleased to announce our third annual free online conference:


LearnTrends 2009 - Agenda and Speakers

The Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations Conference

November 17-19, 2009 | Online | Free

The theme/focus this year is on Convergence in Workplace Learning. We will bring together people who look at different aspects of learning and knowledge work to understand better what's going on in those areas and how we should be thinking about this holistically. I'm particularly looking forward to discussions of how:

  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Communities and Networks
  • Knowledge Management
  • Corporate Libraries
  • Talent Management

come together to form a cohesive picture. What should L&D managers be doing relative to these related efforts? How does this impact our eLearning Strategy? Heck just discussing eLearning Strategy should be fun with the right people in the room.

As always, this conference is about getting together interesting people who bring a slightly different perspective and have meaningful conversation around innovation in workplace learning. We typically get more than a thousand people signed up and at least a hundred in each session.

And every year I learn a lot.

To register, you must first register on the LearnTrends community and then register on the Conference Event Page.

Lots of details of speakers will follow.

The conference will also include the LearnTrends Innovation Awards 2009. Please see that post for details.

Please Help

We very much welcome broad participation in the event. Anything you can do to help get the word out would be appreciated. Some ideas:

  • Post about it on your blog.
  • Add it to your sidebar.
  • Put a comment in a discussion group or LinkedIn group.
  • Tweet about it.
  • Send an email to your work colleagues to let them know.

Wow, I ran out of ideas quick. What else can people do to get the word out?

One suggestion I just received - let's use the hashtag: #learntrends to refer to things related to the group and the conference.

Oh and here are some graphics you can use along with your announcement.





Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
Do you have a # tag to you want is to use on Twitter for this event? #LearnTrends perhaps?

Tony Karrer said...

Excellent point - yes, let's use #learntrends

ZaidLearn said...

Just some fun for you:

Check out the aliens :)

Warm Regards,


Aaron said...

This is great! I am looking forward to attending..

Do you have an agenda prepared at this point, such that I might be able invite other members of my team to join?

Tony Karrer said...

We will have an initial agenda roughly mid October.