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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

15 More Workplace eLearning Blogs

Based on my post Top 99 Workplace eLearning Blogs several people contacted me with suggestions for additional blogs to include in eLearning Learning.  So, I'm happy to say that eLearning Learning now includes the 15 following great sources in addition to the 99 previously listed:

Several of these came courtesy of Mainsh's list - Blogs by Indian Learning Professionals and Companies.  Thanks for helping Manish.

I'm excited to have all of these new sources as part of eLearning Learning.  It helps me find great stuff and especially to make sure that I don't miss good stuff.  With the Best Of feature, I know that I'll see what's coming up as the good stuff each week and month.  For example, yesterday I posted the Best Of August 2009:

LMS – LCMS – Camtasia – Best of eLearning Learning – August 2009

It included several great posts that I had missed during the month.


Nicole said...

Hi Tony,

Looks like I'm a bit late to the party but I would like to offer my blog up there for scrutiny:

Litmos: The Online Training Blog

Many thanks for putting together such a great list. My Google Reader is filled to the brim!

Nicole Fougere
GM at Litmos

Tony Karrer said...

Nicole - drop me an email:

Deb Gallo said...

Hi there,

I'll add mine to the list too :)