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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2.0 and Interesting Times

Interesting post by Dan Pontefract where he provides definitions of some different "2.0" definitions and the HR & Organizational impacts. It's worth taking a look at some of these:

  • Enterprise 2.0

    • Definition (via Andrew McAfee):
      • the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers
    • HR & Org Implication:
      • Enterprise 2.0 is the use of Web 2.0 concepts in an organization; thus, failure to drive its introduction may result in redundant platforms/processes & confused employees
  • Learning 2.0
    • Definition:
      • the shift from a predominantly formal instructor-led/eLearning model to one that encompasses formal, informal and social learning methodologies
    • HR & Org Implication:
      • organizational culture can evolve via a strong learning ecosystem; to continue with antiquated ‘spray and pray’ formal only training models is akin to GM’s 2011 automobile lineup being full of SUV’s
  • Work 2.0
    • Definition:
      • the shift from a 9-5 workday to a flexible workweek inclusive of work location (ie. home, shared workspace, coffee shops, etc.)
    • HR & Org Implication:
      • the performance of an individual should be measured not on when they are in the office or present in their cubicle; rather, on the end result and its merits for the organization itself (whenever the deliverables are accomplished)

While people may not like the "2.0" terms, I believe there's merit to using them if only to indicate the substantial impact that these things will have on organizations and particularly on Learning and Development.

The theme of LearnTrends 2009 is a term I call Convergence. It's really about the fact that learning and development leaders have an opportunity to embrace 2.0. This means:

  • providing solutions beyond traditional training / courses
  • working closely with other parts of the organization including Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Management, Corporate Library, OD, IT and, of course, the business
  • getting smart about a whole lot of new kinds of solutions
  • looking outside the firewall for solutions

And all of this comes in an ever more challenging world:

  • The Business of Learning faces real pressure and we are expected to do more with less.
  • We need to provide value to concept workers who are the highest value people in the organization and are in a continuous learning mode – it's part of their work. But concept workers don't get as much value in traditional learning solutions.
  • These workers direct their own learning. Learning and Development is likely not producing much content that will be useful to their day-to-day work except by building core skills. Thus, we must look to provide value in the long tail of learning.
  • The nature and value of content production is changing.
  • There's a ton more content available both inside and outside the organization and some of it is free learning
  • There's much greater accessibility of experts inside and outside the organization and ways to engage with them.

When I described eLearning 2.0 back in February 2006, I focused on the technology aspects. But there's so much more to all of this picture. I'm not sure if Convergence quite captures it, but …

These are truly interesting times.


Mridusmita said...

Democratization of information could be confusing at times...for example take the case of managing wiki pages...what do you say?

Holly Peters said...

Hi Tony,

We're reading your blog post in Allison Rossett's EdTec class right now.

My friend Cathy & I are not sure that we agree with the "Work 2.0" definition. It seems that Web 2.0 is significantly different from Web 1.0. But isn't "Work 2.0" basically the same work only in a different location?

- Holly & Holly 2.0

Tony Karrer said...

@Mridusmita - I'm not sure I get what you are saying. Yes, wiki page editing can be painful if there's fighting. Most of the time it's not that much of an issue.

@Holly - you are lucky to be taking a class from Dr. Rossett. She's awesome!

I tend to agree with you that Work 2.0 is defined in a very limited way by Dan. He mentions place, time. But it's also things like free agency and using your network to solve problems.

There's a lot going on that changes how people work.