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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good Job Angela and Technology is Not the Devil

After reading a post by Will Richardson this morning entitled -“Technology is the Devil” and Other Observations where Will recounts a recent experience:
Recently, in the middle of a presentation to about 500 teachers, one woman raised her hand and said something along the lines of “Look, I’m not the most technologically savvy, but I have to tell you that in a lot of ways I think all this technology is the devil. I mean my kids plagiarize stuff left and right, they don’t learn how to spell because of spell check, and I just think we’d be better off without it.” And a number of people applauded.
My last post - eLearning 2.0 - Go Do It was partly out of my sense of concern that somehow people are missing the point and the opportunity.

Luckily I just saw a post by Angela White - who had already Jumped into My Blog Roll now I just saw this post - Conference Highlights Presentation Creates Network.

Go read it. I just did and it helped me feel that maybe technology is not the devil.

By the way, Angela is a fantastic example of great post-conference follow-up activities. See also: a Great Post Conference Practice.

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