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Monday, May 21, 2007

Great Video - David Weinberger's Talk at Google - Everything is Miscellaneous

Found via Joitske Hulsebosch post David Weinberger's messy cupboard. Video embedded below - you probably won't see it in your feed reader:

This relates to many things I'm doing these days...


Meir Navon said...

What a wonderful era, we're living in!!
You posted this video to your blog at 02:36 a.m. (Israel time) and I got the chance of seeing it and having a great time while having breakfast!
Thank you very much, Tony. It opened a very interesting window for me and I'd be very interesting in reading more about it from you.

Tony Karrer said...

That's a great comment Meir. If you are celebrating Shavuot tonight, maybe you can ponder the meaning of something like this part of the time?

Adrian Jones said...

Firstly thanks Tony for including this video on your blog.

I'll drop a note on the elearnity blog as this is a great video to watch and certainly challenges traditional views of organising information. It also got me thinking about the importance of tagging and how much information is probably missed because the tag used do not necessarily match up with those being used to search for the information. I particularly liked the ideas about everything now being metadata. However, I think the human desire to create order out of chaos will still drive us to create taxonomies in the future.

Laurie said...

A good video but spends too much time belaboring the obvious that categories do not always well represent the thing categorized.
The one simple point that meaning is dynamic is stated with some degree of drama as if we had not absorbed most of late 19th century and 20th century philosophy and that we needed this brilliant mind to uncover the fact that meaning is evolving constantly because language is doing the same thing.
The real insight here is now we have a massive system to register and perhaps recognize just how the semantic web is changing and transforming because the authorities in the culture wanted us to believe that they alone could determine its ebb and flow.