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Monday, October 09, 2006

September Blog Clean Up

As I've mentioned before (eLearning Technology: Managing your RSS Feeds), I go through a ritual every three months to add and remove blogs. You can see the blogs that are in my highest priority reading list and not quarantined in the list on the right. Better yet, you can grab my OPML list and subscribe to the same list as me and then let yours evolve. See also: eLearning Technology: eLearning Blogs - Quick Way to Find Good Ones.

Move from Sept. quarantine to Front Page:
Communities of practice for development

Kept in quarantine (gave it another chance):

Technology For Communities - Note: partial feeds is really annoying (see eLearning Technology: Why You Should Provide Full Feeds (especially on Blogger))

The other 20 or so I ended up deleting.

December's crop looks to be a lot better.

I also probably need to go through my blogs listed on the right to clean out some. If you have suggestions of blogs that I should be reading that are on eLearning, KM, PKM, communities, I'm always happy to hear about them.


Joitske said...

Hi Tony, thanks for moving me from quarantine to frontpage. Not sure what it means but it sounds like a compliment :) Joitske

Tony Karrer said...

You can find out what it means by looking at the post on how I manage my RSS feeds. And it is a good thing.

Matthew Nehrling said...

Thanks for the move off Quarantine. I hope can continue to meet expectations.