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Thursday, October 19, 2006

IBM Bloggers - A Lengthy List - But No Worries

I've been reading Luis Suarez's blog for a while, and he just had an interesting post that pointed me to IBM's BlogRoll. While lots of the blogs listed there have interesting technical topics, I don't have the time to examine them each ... but I'm not worried. I've found that if they are blogging about topics that I'm interested in, the natural network effect of blogs will eventually get me there. (Or maybe I'm deluding myself.)

One thing that it does say is that corporate blogging is slowly taking off!

1 comment:

Luis Suarez said...

Hi Tony! Thanks a bunch for the plug ! You surely are right on ! That is also how I have managed to discover a good bunch of the blogs I follow on a daily basis: through the connections others make that interest me. And that is exactly what I would think would happen with this IBM directory. From that list I am only subscribed to a few of them, but as the list grows larger and larger I bet I will be adding some more to my blogroll. Time will tell.

But nothing to worry, indeed, it will come around to us, whenever it is the right time! Thanks again for linking to that blog post!