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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More on Modes of Information Consumption and Creation

In response to my recent post Personal Publishing - Balance of Blog vs. PPT Audio – Help Needed, I've received some good input via comments (you'll have to visit the page to see the comments - and then maybe you'll leave a comment as well). I also found a post Joan Vinall-Cox :: Weblog :: What Medium for What Purpose (or Perceptual Mode)? that responded with some interesting comments including something that really resonated with me:

Personally, when I want information, especially non-emotional, apparently 'objective' information, I like to read, to scan and dig. When I want to know about the context, the people involved, to get a sense of the whole (or the emotional space), I want audio or video.

This is very true! Voice, video or in-person gives you a much better sense of the emotional aspect of any discussion and a feeling of greater understanding. I continually push people to use the phone to discuss topics rather than relying on email because email can seem harsh.

But, what content that I'm producing needs greater emotional semantic value? I'm really not sure. Any ideas?

By the way, I just used the term "scan and dig" in my post ... but as I've been thinking about it, it really applies to a lot of what I do. I'm sure there's a better term. I just don't know what it is.

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