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Monday, October 23, 2006

Free iPod Nano for Conference Attendees

Just saw a post by David Warlick that said:

The CECA 2006 conference is giving each attendee a free iPod Nano.

The Nanos will come preloaded with a number of audio files about the conference, the theme of the conference, and pre-recorded highlights of many of the presentations, including the keynote address.

In addition, a team of podcasters has been assembled with missions to record specific presentations, with permission from presenters, and make them available as part of a central podcast feed.

As a result, conference attendees, after the conference, will be able to subscribe to the CECA feed and download all of those podcast presentations to take home with them.

Great idea! A nice perk for going. Of course, there's a question of whether this actually is all that great from a consumption standpoint.

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