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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

eLearning Hot Lists Moving to eLearning Learning

Important announcement: I've moved where I will be creating the eLearning Hot Lists.  So …

Want a weekly list of the best content on eLearning from around the web?  Please read this post and then head over to eLearning Learning and subscribe to the Best Of feed via RSS or eMail.

In Using Social Signals to Find Top eLearning Resources I discussed a particular example of using the social signals capability of Browse My Stuff to find good resources on a particular topic. 

This capability also works for finding the top resources over a given time period.  I've been using eLearning Learning to create Hot Lists for a while now:

From now on I will be creating and publishing these hot lists over on the eLearning Learning site.  The first post is up now:

Learning Theory - Enterprise 2.0 - Social Software - eLearning Learning Weekly Hot List

With the recent updates to the site, you can subscribe to the Best Of RSS feed to receive these hotlists or you can visit the site and sign up to receive them via email.

As always, I would welcome input, ideas, etc. on eLearning Learning and Browse My Stuff.

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