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Thursday, June 25, 2009

ISA Participating - Future of the Business of Learning

I just finished a great conversation with Pam Schmidt, the Executive Director of ISA.


I've been in the training industry since the early 90s and only recently ran into ISA. I'm curious if readers here already know about this organization?

They describe themselves as "the executive connection for training industry leaders." The membership seems to be a who's-who of training company CEOs.

Pam and ISA will be helping me to pull together the event that focuses on the issues raised in Business of Learning. ISA recently looked at some of these issues that were beautifully captured as Graphic Illustrations (PDF). I'm looking forward to more conversations with ISA members and in the conversation on July 23.

You can sign up for the online, free event through Learn Trends at: Future of the Business of Learning.

Welcome aboard Pam and ISA.

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