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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Call for Panelists - Future of Business of Learning

I am pulling together an online only event for Learn Trends that will occur on July 23. I'm seeking several kinds of panelists who can contribute to the discussion. Please contact me via email: akarrer @ if you are interested in being on one of the panels. Or if you know someone who I should recruit.

This event focuses on the issues raised in Business of Learning. The event is:

You can click the link for a bit more detail and to sign up to Learn Trends. The crux of the session is looking at:
While training as a publisher of courses and courseware faces an increasingly challenging market, what other things can learning businesses successfully sell to internal or external customers?
The session will have several panels looking at different perspectives on these questions.

CLOs /VPs Learning from inside medium to large corporations who will discuss:
* What new offerings are they selling or trying to sell to internal customers?
* What new offerings are they looking to buy to bring into their company?

Training CEOs who run companies that sell particular training offerings to corporations
* What new offerings are they selling or trying to sell?
* What are the key challenges they face in selling these?
* Are they moving beyond blended learning to social learning solutions?

Software/Services CxOs Vendors who provide other kinds of software or services to corporations
* What new offerings are they selling or trying to sell?
* What are the key challenges they face in selling these?

Industry Analysts and Others
* What do they see as being the new kinds of offerings that will get traction in the market?
* What should CLOs, training companies and Vendors do to create and sell these offerings?

This should be a lively conversation.

Roughly scheduled from:

9 AM - 1 PM Pacific Time / 4 PM - 8 PM GMT
July 23


Jamie Turner said...

Hi, Tony. I may be a candidate for this panel discussion. I run an eLearning website called

Can you tell me who might be at the event? I may be in Los Angeles that week.

Jamie Turner
60 Second Communications

Tony Karrer said...

I've just updated the post to reflect that this is an online only event.

Jamie - please drop me a note to my email:

Dr. Kathy King said...

HI Tony!
What a great effort to help people learn more about e-learning! Kudos on coordinating this event.

I am a speaker, author and professor deeply rooted in e-learning since mid 1990's . I am continuing successful development of many innovative programs, initiatives and strategies.

In addition I have written many books, including the awarding winning book about e-learning "Harnessing Innovative Technologies in Higher Education" (Outstanding Publication Award in 2009 from AERA Division I).

I thrive on helping people (especially trainers, faculty and adult learners) envision, embrace and implement e-learning in ways which fit their purposes, preferences and styles.

To learn more about my speaking visit or email me at kpking (at)

Success with your July 23 conference! I am not available as I am keynoting in China for 2 weeks, but look forward to other opportunities to collaborate with you and others in similar efforts. I would like to discuss those with you soon!

Dr. Kathy King, EdD

Embracing Technology For Professional Development
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DauntlessDave said...


You should try and get Berny Dorhmann, creator of SuperTeaching ( on your panel.

If he can't do it, perhaps he can appoint someone from the University of Alabama.

For the last 30 years, Dorhmann has been known as "Coach of the Coaches"... Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Nichols, and a number of others.

Contact me if you'd like more info on the SoCal chapters of his events.

Tony Karrer said...

Kathy - nice connecting with you.

Dave - thanks for the suggestion - I'll check into having BJ present.

Jennifer De Vries, CPT said...

Tony, I'd be happy to participate as a panelist. I currently own and manage BlueStreak Learning. We are a full-service eLearning firm in the Chicago area. I have over 20 years of experience in the eLearning industry with corporate, courseware publishers, non-profits and now as a services vendor.

Brad Federman said...


Next time you do have another conference please let me know. I would be happy to present or be a panelist.