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Thursday, November 06, 2008

eLearning Learning Launched

I'm happy to announce the launch of eLearning Learning. This is the beginning of a community portal where the community will help to collect and organize the best content from blogs and web sites. The goal is to create a place where it's relatively easy to find current content and highly relevant content surrounding eLearning.

To be clear eLearning Learning is a jump off point. The content comes from other places. Right now these are mostly posts from bloggers, but you will soon see other kinds of content appearing. The bottom line is that eLearning Learning is trying to help find and navigate the world of eLearning.

I've selected bloggers who I've been reading and felt provide value on interesting topics.

The following blogs are helping me today to launch this and I've listed a few unsolicited comments on their experience so far.
"I'm LOVING the way the label widget works!"
"I like your widget a lot. Kind of a linear tag cloud."
"looks pretty cool"
You will see that these bloggers and soon other bloggers listed as Featured in their blogs. They will show the following badge:

You will also see that most featured bloggers are including the eLearning Learning Organizer Widget. This widget is in my sidebar and it shows the topics that I blog about. As a blogger, this helps me keep my content organized, which has always been a bit challenging.

You might visit a few of the blogs listed above to see the topics they are writing about. For example, looking at top tools:



Mine are:

Boy, I talk about Wikis a lot.

I hope that you will find eLearning Learning to be a valuable resource. I welcome any thoughts or feedback on the system.


Anonymous said...

Nice site! Now just one bookmark for all my eLearning links!

Here is another website of websites I like to use:

We should list all website of websites links. It would save on my google searching!

Joe Deegan said...

Love the idea Tony! I felt like I was browsing through my reader. Any plans of expanding beyond blog posts to resources like forums? Thanks for giving us another great research tool.

Tony Karrer said...

Joe - Great suggestion. They would have to be very targeted forums. Are there any forums that jump to mind as being valuable for eLearning Developers?

V Yonkers said...

Just a couple of suggestions. First, it might help if you indicated "levels". If I am new to e-learning, I might be lost reading some of these postings.

On the other hand, someone who is much more experienced in elearning might want to find resources at a much higher level. An indication that a resource is geared towards a higher level of knowledge would help readers to find appropriate level resources. It might be a simple as having bloggers or contributors tag the level on their post.

Second, earlier in the year you asked readers to identify tutorials on e-learning for someone that was new to the field. I remember one was from RPI. These types of resources and examples of the use of delicious, for example, would be useful to see the tools in action.

Joe Deegan said...

Tony, some forum suggestions;

ASTD eLearning Discussion Board

Chief Learning Officer also has a pretty good forum on their new social network.

These may not be targeted enough but some food for thought.

Tony Karrer said...

Virginia - good suggestions. I'm trying to figure out how we can mark things for new people? Or better how you would determine it from the content?

Completely agree on bringing together examples, basic tools, etc. Let me think about how to do that.

Joe - good suggestions on those two, I'll take a look and see if the content there offers much value.

V Yonkers said...

Tony, one possibility might be to use delicious or a site like that where the source could have a tag that included the content and level (elrnglrngadvinsurance, for example).

There might better tools out there but members should be able to contribute sources they find also.