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Monday, November 17, 2008

Manager Training Online Courses

I received an inquiry from someone I know, and I'm hoping people who read this blog can make suggestions.
I'm looking for vendors who supply off-the-shelf training for basic manager skills such as, time management and delegation. Thus far I've looked at Element K, SkillSoft, Vital Learning, Ninth House, and Achieve Global. What I like about these providers is the scope of what they offer -- many courses to choose from. Are there other providers you'd recommend I look at?
Those vendors are certainly at the top of my list and I'm not sure I have other suggestions. Any other providers that folks would recommend they look at? And why?


Beth Griese said...

My company, MindLeaders, offers a thorough management suite of training, including a "Management Skills Introduction" series to help a brand-new manager, and a Leadership Roadmap that breaks down management into competencies and the courses that can help build them.

Course demos and the Roadmap are available at, or drop me a line and I'd be happy to send a PDF or hard copy of the Roadmap, or answer any questions.

Anonymous said...

I think the Harvard ManageMentor series is rather good. I've not really got much to compare it to, but it comes from an organisation that knows a thing or two about this sort of thing, so I assume it's up there in terms of quality.

Rob Chipman said...


I have been following your blog for several months now and find it an excellent resource.

Regarding manager training online courses, there's another source of quality online content that you (or anyone else in the community) are likely not aware of. It's called BizVision and it launched in beta a few weeks ago. The URL is The reason I know about it is because I'm the founder. I hope you and your readers will forgive a "commercial" response, but 1)your request kind of opened the door for it and 2), since none of your other readers are aware of it yet, I'm probably the only option.

BizVision has aggregated 1,000s of training videos and made them available for online viewing for the first time. These videos typically sell for up to $900 in DVD format, which prices individuals, small businesses, snall department managers, and many others out of the market. Serving them up online enables a pay-per-view price that's about the same a renting a Hollywood movie. Plus, there are also many free videos, including some humorous titles that are great for meeting/course openers.

Corporate trainers can use the site as a resource for prescribing inexpensive, specific recommendations for individual managers/employees. They can also select the group-view option and use the videos to supplement instructor-led presentations. BizVision can also be integrated into existing employee portals and LMSs.

Even though we've already licensed a lot of good content, we think it's just the tip of the iceberg. Just last week we licensed the Stephen Covey library and some great "vintage" training videos from the 50's & 60's. We also hope BizVision will trigger more new videos from existing producers and attract new producers, as well. In fact I enjoyed reading the responses to your August 27, 2008 posting titled "Video and Screencast Styles for Corporate Training" in which you asked for examples of new styles of video-based training. Now that online video has become a mainstream activity, I think video will re-emerge as an effective and more utilized training tool.