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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Conference Wiki Examples

Someone asked me for an example of a conference using a Wiki both for organizers during planning, evaluating proposed sessions, etc. and for attendees with session pages, participant lists, that kind of stuff. Certainly we did parts of this for Corporate Learning Trends 2007. It was more aimed at the attendee side. I can say that this made pulling things together for the conference significantly easier. And we even had people pitch in to do things like adding calendar files, automatic time conversion, profiles and questions for sessions.

For planning this year, we relied on Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets as the primary tools. This worked well with a small group and a small set of sessions. Likely the Wiki would be much better for something larger.

There have to be lots of examples like this out there. Can someone help out with pointers to a few?

Update - I was just pointed to Nonprofit Technology - Conference Wiki that pointed me to a couple of different posts that might be interesting such as: Collaborative Models for Capturing and Sharing Conference Notes at Nonprofit Gatherings. Of course, then I also checked eLearning Learning - Conference Wiki and found an old post of mine: Social Conference Tools - Expect Poor Result. These talk about slightly different issues, but still might be interesting.


Anonymous said...

How about Elliott Masies's ?

Tony Karrer said...

Great example. I should have thought of that.

Do you know if they use it for planning as well?

They certainly have used it for various interactions before, during and after conferences in the past.