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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CoComment Co.mments Switch

After struggling for a while with tracking my conversations via CoComment, I've recently decided to switch over to Co.mments. It seems to be working pretty well. I considered a few of the other services as well, but it seemed like they were the best choice.

I'm still not sure that there's a great overall answer to Blog Discussions Types. I discussed the specifics of Blogs, Community and Discussion Tracking - What's Really Needed a long time ago. Not sure that we've got an answer quite yet. It's still very messy to try to track all your activity across the network. Maybe there is no answer given how fluid everything is, but it still would be nice to have something better than what we have right now.


Harold Jarche said...

I've been using co.mments for a while. The service can be spotty but for the most part it tracks comments, though some services don't get picked up. I also used Blogflux's Commentful, but it too had frequent outages. I haven't found one that I love yet.

Tony Karrer said...

Harold - good to hear that you have the same issue.

Anonymous said...

I stay calm about CoComment by telling myself it sort of works. What it's really trained me to do is to assume that I can't necessarily track any one particular conversation.

Since it's free, I can't complain too much. I'm sorry but not surprised to see the co.mments appears about as sporadic.

The upsycho said...

I used to have no trouble at all with CoComment, but for the past several months I get no alerts when conversations have been followed up, and a barrowload of alerts for conversations which haven't changed in months.

Something, somewhere has gone 'orribly wrong! Unless I manually check up on a conversation I want to follow (and remembering them all is beyond me), my participation seems doomed to a series of one-off 'chirps' which really isn't the point, now is it?



Anonymous said...

Hi, as above comments - agree re Harold, I'm still using co.mments but do find that it doesn't pick up everything. Also if you are trying to keep up with a discussion where you have invested a comment - sometimes not possible to keep up and co.mments (I may be wrong and need to change some settings or something); only shows the most recent few so I end up having to go back to the page where the original discussion was, which I was trying to avoid doing. I've tried embedding co.mment and cocomment feeds into Grazr, I guess could stick them in friendfeed too. That way I really have no excuse for trying to remember what on earth I was talking about earlier in the day :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't tell anyone but I use both co.mment and cocomment for totally different reasons. Cocomment is excellent for tracking comments when everyone uses common tags or for setting up groups.

Having both means if one misses the comments the other picks them up. Suggest you talk with Cocomment about your issues as they are very approachable and happy to look at resolving any issues you have.

jasonpriem said...

I've been pretty pleased with co.mments; I like that I can just use a javascript bookmarklet. Like everyone else, I've noticed that it doesn't pick up everything (disqus-powered comments are a no-go), but it's better than anything else I've tried.

Tony Karrer said...

It's good to hear this in that it sounds like we have similar experiences.

Sue - like you, I used to use CoComment to track what other people were talking about (folks who I knew commented in interesting places). But that seems to have stopped.

Not sure I've seen the "group" aspect on CoComment.

And, I'm not sure if using co.mments for my primary one excludes me from eavesdropping on interesting conversations via CoComment.

Anonymous said...

Using co.mment has no impact on cocomment. Co.mment and cocomment feed directly into my Google Reader. I've been using both together since early this year. Originally cocomment didn't have an RSS feed which is why I wouldn't use it.

Cocomment reconsidered RSS after I pointed out the reasons why they should have it. Their RSS hasn't been working so well lately so I should probably mention this to them.

I'm picking up about 90 % of the comments. The ones I miss are those that have Discus or their theme stops co.mment from working.

Anonymous said...

The two are good but of course, there is a better one and it depends upon the evaluation of the user.