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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Learn Trends 2008 - Free

George Siemens, Jay Cross and Tony Karrer have organized the second annual free online conference:

Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovation 2008

November 17 - 21, 2008 | Online | Free

Last year's conference had two thousand people from all over the world take part in the week-long conference. This year the conference has an incredible set of speakers and lots of opportunities to discuss the issues. Speakers and topics include:
The conference runs November 17-2008. It's online. And it's free. If you want to attend sign up and follow the conference blog: LearnTrends for on-going updates.


Anonymous said...

What do you see as the main differences between in person and online conferences? I was just writing about this topic for eLearn Magazine because of the cancellation of Ayers' keynote at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, speculating if the political pressure and cited security risks would have canceled an online presentation.

I'd love to hear your insights.

Tony Karrer said...

Lisa, good question. Not sure I have good answers for you. Let me noodle on it and I will probably post a blog post around it.

Anonymous said...

Good point