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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Record Video Chat Interviews

A client of mine (celebrity) would like to record video interviews they are going to be doing with people all around the country. We are thinking that we will be sending out some basic equipment (web cam + microphone) to the people involved in the interview if they don't have the right stuff.

I'm trying to figure out what software we will use. It looks like ooVoo provides the split screen capability and ability to record and I've seen a couple instances on YouTube that look okay. I've personally not used ooVoo, so a bit worried about recommending it.

Are there other solutions that we should look at?

Any other thoughts on how to handle this?

Likely the site and videos will get some decent traffic because of who is involved and where they will be discussing the site.


Cheap UPC CODE said...

Dr Karrer

Web CT is a good tool to do it.

I had a course just like this.

Sameer Lele said...

Hi Tony, I'm sorry to put down an out of context post over here, but then I did not where else I could message you. The other option for me was to email you directly.

I wanted to start a discussion over here which you could introduce as a new post or convert into next months big question.

I'm working on a go to market strategy for elearning services from a supplier side. Within Custom Content development, the elearning practice really becomes a horizontal(industry agnostic) but its still interesting to find what services can sell where.

So some of the questions that I'm finding answers to are as follows:

If I'm planning to sell elearning(custom content) what market segments (within corporate learning) should i really focus on
What are the typical buying characteristics in certain corporate market segments
(for e.g. Does Manufacturing Industry require more of compliance and safety related training?, where does induction training required the most?)
Which segments seem to buy more of custom content services

I will eventually put this as a post in my blog, but since I'm very new to blogging and do not have a vast network, I thought I will reach out for your help to speed up responses to these thoughts.

Erickson said...

I have used ooVoo and like the video quality and the recording feature. I have had a lot less trouble with it than Skype when it comes to connection and audio issues. You can also invite non-ooVoo friends which is nice.

Anonymous said...

OOVOO has very good video and the audio quality is absolutely the best I have dealt with. However there are a few issues that need to be dealt with. First there is a bug that if you click on some of the add banners then it will install arbitrary code onto your PC. What does that mean? It means that the video feed you are streaming can be hijacked! It means that the connection is NOT (I REPEAT NOT!) secure. and that is the first of a few problems I have found after using it for over 4 months now.

David Lee said...

Tony, try -- two people can meet online with webcams, record the meeting, then embed the recording into any blog or website.

I'm compelled to disclose that I'm a Wetoku co-founder. :-)

Unknown said...

I am trying to find a Video calling software that allows me to record the video and sound of the conversation. I want to use the software to record interviews. I have tried Super Tintin for Skype, ooVoo, Pamela, and Logitech Vid… But in none of these cases I get what I want…

I want to be able to record the video call and switch from the local camera to the remote camera while recording. So, when I am asking a question during an interview, I keep the focus on my local camera and then switch to the remote camera as the interviewee answers the question. I have no need for multi-party video conferencing or any other gadgets. I know for a fact that this is available because I have seen it done, but I forgot where. If you don’t have this technology but know of an alternative, let me know please.

I would truly appreciate your input.

Thank you.

marshman99ca said...

I am also looking for a solution as posed by jmunoz in this post. Have you (jmunoz) found a solution? Anyone else know where I can find software to record video & audio online interviews, which allow me to switch cameras from me to the interviewee, and also I am hoping to be able to cut to the desktop to view a PPT slide or some other document then back to the cameras? Maybe a lot to ask but it has to be possible.