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Monday, August 04, 2008


DevLearn is coming up. I just took a quick look on the eLearningGuild site and DevLearnis looking good again this year. My guess is that I'll be getting together with a few folks there to have a drink and discuss things like eLearning 2.0 (yeah, we know how to have fun).

Quite a few of the speakers are straight out of my blog roll, so I'm looking forward to seeing them.
I'm sure I'm missing some folks. But, as a reader of this blog, you should drop a comment if you are going to DevLearn and I'll try to let you know when we are getting together. In the past, this has been quite a bit of fun (see DevLearn - Beer - Who's In? - And Where?, Boston - Beer - Bloggers - and Beer Tasting at ASTD TechKnowledge). Including having Adobe and sponsor events in the past. Maybe someone will want to do something similar. Maybe Tuesday night?

Or maybe we can get Michelle Lentz to figure out a place for wine?

One thing that they've kept from last year are the breakfast bytes. These were informal opportunities to discuss topics. I attended one with Will at Work Learning and it was quite an interesting discussion. Almost a beer and bloggers type discussion, but with coffee and a bit more structure.

Looking forward to seeing folks at DevLearn. Oh, by the way, I'm doing two sessions:
So, drop me a note if you are going.


Anonymous said...

I will be presenting at DevLearn as well. I was at the Boston Beer Bloggers meet up and had a great time. At the last Annual Gathering, we had a STOUT Learning get together. STOUT stands for “Sharing Tips On Using Technology”…credit @jsspyder (Jill) for the name. Brent, BJ and others were in attendance.

Tony Karrer said...

Mark - my bad - didn't catch your name on my quick scan. Looking forward to seeing you again.

V Yonkers said...

Just a quick impression of this conference (as it is really too far away for me to attend). One thing I have noticed in my dissertation work and blog reading is that there does not seem to be a real gender divide in e-learning. It has never struck me that there are more men or women involved in e-learning (although I was noticeably in the minority when I worked in business and noticeably in the majority in education).

However, There are only 3 women highlighted, none of them plenary. Does this strike anyone else as odd? It does look like an interesting program just the same.

Tony Karrer said...

Virginia - my guess is that like blogging, speaking has a tendency to skew male even in a world where women are likely the majority (training, corporate learning). That said, from a cursory look at the program, yes the three keynotes are men, but the rest of the program looks to be maybe 65/35 men to women.

My suspicion is that Heidi Fisk - the eLearningGuild's master of content who has been around the industry forever - really looks at gender of the speakers. She always seems to be very focused on great quality content from whomever offers it up.

Anonymous said...

DevLearn 2008 Beer 2.0 needs Twitter to facilitate meeting for this worthy endeavor!

Speaking of Web 2.0, I will be there talking about using machinima as a tool to enrich standard elearning content. An inexpensive video source if you may.

For those that can not attend the conference, I will have a sim set aside for eLearning Guild members to use as a sandbox.

Look forward to seeing you at DevLearn 2008!