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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Video and Screencast Styles for Corporate Training?

I'd like to get help identifying examples of videos and screencasts that show different styles. I'm hoping people can help me collect some of these. As background ...

I've been discussing with several people recently how they can create small (5 minute) screencasts or videos that teach something very briefly. As part of these discussions, we always talk about how we would want the pieces to have some kind of nice style to them. For example, there's a nice, fun style to the videos by Common Craft. They are short and explain one key item.

However, what I would like to find are a range of good examples of videos and screencasts that show different styles and hopefully are things that are engaging, have fun or maybe humor. Other than Common Craft, what are some other good examples that illustrate other approaches to videos and screencasts that would be good for corporate training / learning?

An example video ...


DrBob said...

Hi Tony,
these are "wild" examples of styles I use. The screencasts are conversation points.

I'd be interested in other peoples views. In a corporate context I am uncertain as to value but with undergraduates..

I don't expect all styles to work, I'm still learning- but "JZK" actually gets a good response... voted third best lecturer in the department by the students.

This is probably more worrying than encouraging ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony - saw your posting over twitter. Maybe this could interest you: (it's in german) by ACW. I love her style synching video with speech!
And me and my students tried a bit screen-casting (also in german) explaining the learning benefits during the pre-production phase of podcasting.

Greetings from Koblenz, Germany
Andreas Auwaerter

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

How about the You Suck At Photoshop series - while it was (pitch black) comedy, each episode did actually teach you a different aspect of photoshop. Perhaps a little NSFW for corporate use, but imaginative use of screencasting.

Also, did you catch Scientific American's science news vlog screencast The Monitor? I worked on this for about 10 episodes in my freelancing days, and think the idea rules (not mine, but that of John Pavlus the creator/producer). John has some other awesome explanatory videos - check out the Mario and quantum mechanics video on his blog for instance.

On another note, I put a video together on DataPortability a good while back which blended motion graphics and screencasting for a simple explanation that doesn't put you to sleep kind of approach.

Hope to generate some more examples for you soon - I'm currently putting together a zillion videos on WordPress in my new job at Automattic.

Great blog - really enjoying it!



Tony Karrer said...

Thanks for these suggestions so far.

Dr. Cherry - very cool, but not sure it would work in a lot of workplace learning environments.

Andreas - hard to get past the language issue, but thanks for sending.

Michael - this is good stuff for us to see. I like the constant humor in the Photoshop and I wonder if we couldn't do something that was more workplace humor oriented. Like how it is self-effacing. Would have to tone it down. But gives some good ideas.

The monitor vblog is really well done. I'm wondering if it is something they are doing from a style/design standpoint or is it that the content is interesting or is it both.

The data portability is well done, but it doesn't grab me quite as well - maybe because there's a very small amount of content over a long period of time (and I already knew it).

Is my real question here - what makes the video engaging?

Tony Karrer said...

Just saw Mahalo Daily - they seem to do a good job.

How to Play Pool

Steve Job's Keynote in 60 Seconds

Scott Skibell said...


Here is a video (2:25 minutes) that shows an innovative technique utilizing Keynote.

Scott Skibell

Cris said...
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Cris said...

The Monitor videos Michael linked to are slick - that's an interesting style I hadn't seen in use before. I like how it feels non-polished or non-newscaster.

Two suggestions to add:
1) Machinima is a fantastic way to put together a video without a lot of equipment. Red vs Blue is a great example, and some of their PSA videos even use Powerpoint slides to illustrate points, similar to how an instructor or student might use machinima:

2) When exploring this same question, different styles for vidcasting, I put together one example of threading a screencast together with live video - not a new concept of course, but very useful for instruction and training:

3) One other demonstration I quickly put together uses YouTube videos and Camtasia's markup tools to create sportscaster-style speech critiques:

I'm looking forward to more peoples' ideas!

Disco Sam said...

here is one I created for ionic bonds - the goal of this was to prove that I could teach a topic in about a minute.

Biology Minute:

Disco Sam said...

Sorry doesn't look like the comment posted the full link:

Tony Karrer said...

One more example I just found:

Anonymous said...

I have seen some video example while im searching in google with the keyword "example of corporate traning".