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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Twitter Status

My twitter status just changed.

Sue Waters - who I met through the posts: Reframing Conference Social Tool Participatio and Social Conference Tools - Expect Poor Results yesterday walked me through what she had done at a couple of conferences. See her page: mlearn2007 by others and mlearn2007 my notes.

Along the way, she convinced me that Twitter was something that I should stop resisting.

She did this by sending a tweet out that asked how Twitter helped people with their personal learning. She quickly got back:
dmcordell @dswaters Hi, Sue. I'm the only LMS in a rural district. The world is my network with Twitter!

Gregory Thompson @dswaters I use Twitter+YahooTubes+RSS Aggregator and it brings me wonderful content via links every day, a place for inspirational sparks

barbs1 @dswaters love the community of sharing and support for our celebrations frustrations sorrows Huge impact on learning new stuff

onlineteacher @dswaters Twitter is critical app 4 me b/c shared brilliance n human connections brighten everyone's world n I can share n do same (teach)

Sunshinetalia @dswaters because i can stay current with what other educators/ elearning peeps are up too! I get great links to resources & readings 2.

RobynDennis @dswaters Twitter allows us (no matter where we are in the world) to receive *instant* updates on the latest news or topics. Great for PD.

jeffmason @dswaters chat room with hyperlinks, alerts to ongoing conversations and pd opportunities

coyenator @dswaters oops. meant none can keep up individually, together we have a better shot at it

coyenator @dswaters none of us can keep up with emergent change everything individually, strength in numbers willing to share connections, knowledge

tjshay @dswaters Just started Twittering last week, have found countless resources...Websites, videos, etc. Faster than blogs

SarahStewart @dswaters Gives me instant access to group of people to share information & ask for advice

k1v1n @dswaters without twitter I would have never met you. And I learn tons from you.

suzievesper @dswaters - the sharing of collective knowledge and the support of like-minded educators.

Inpi Twitter keeps us in touch with the last discoveries in "webland", gets help for "web-troubles", most of all feeds sense of community
That's interesting both from the content and also from getting a question answered pretty quickly. Not sure how I'll think about using LinkedIn Questions vs. Twitter, but it's still good stuff.

So, I broke down and now am on Twitter:

So my current twitter status: I'm still not convinced, but am willing to try.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to twitter, your Just-in-Time professional learning network.

I'm Frank in Mexico, and everyone knows Sue Waters .. glad she convinced you to go to the "river."

john said...

Welcome to Twitter. I look forward to reading your micro-posts Tony.
Cheers, John.

Anonymous said...

It was nice talking with you yesterday Tony. Good luck with twitter -- personally I would be lost without it.

Setting up a notification system like Twhirl or Snitter to bring the Tweets to you makes all the difference. Unfortunate reality of twitter is many people now aren't using Feed Readers and are relying on links posted from twitter.

As Frank says your "Just-in-Time professional learning network" (wish I had thought of that one). Those that take the time "to get twitter" will definitely gain from the just-in-time and the increased connections that twitter provides.

Sorry I have to say this -- did have a chuckle when I saw Frank and John had written a comment. Both Frank's and John's technical skills are far greater than mine (and I am very grateful for all the support they give me). My laughter was I didn't twitter your post.

Anonymous said...

Sue, thank you for the compliment. I have been a little quiet of late.

I still like to use the old feed reader. ^_^

I am sort of hoping Tony adds me to his Twitter list. [Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!]

Cheers, John

Tony Karrer said...

John - just added you. Not sure I've got the hang of how to create a post in 160 characters or less.

Sue - let me know what answers you get around LinkedIn Questions vs. Twitter Questions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tony had one response by DM. I know a lot of educators aren't really into LinkedIn whereas people in the web community are. I do have quite a few people from the Web community in my twitter stream (mostly from Australia) but being a Friday night they must have been out partying. My gut feeling is like me they use Twitter for their personal learning and LinkedIn for the professional connections (locating people to employ).

I'm going to BarCamp today so hope to have time to ask the web community there.


You deserve the compliment. And based on your post you have been sick with the flu so no wonder you've been quiet. Hope you feeling a lot better now.

Anonymous said...

I'm (), VietNam

I like this blog is so cool

Anyway, It's nice to see your blog

God Bless you


Anonymous said...

Twitter, it really seems to have evolved of late... in the last 6 to 8 weeks. Tracking blog posts on the tool have witnessed an increase in the number providing real world applications and real benefits. Twitter is an interesting animal, or bird, perhaps. I am sure Sue will agree.


PS. Tony, I think the previous post is a little spam.

testecarla said...


I guess just by getting the feel of twitter you'll really understand its power. I'm glad Sue convinced you to give it a try.

I've written two posts about Twitter, but could be writing many more as I'm learning from people there every single day in many different ways.

Cheers from an educator in Key West and a twitter fan, carlaarena