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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ASTD Conference

Anyone going to the ASTD Conference in San Diego in June? It's nice to get together at conferences. If you are going - please drop a comment below.

Even better if you might be interested in blogging about sessions, thoughts, notes, etc. from your experience at the conference. I won't even say it's Mandatory Blogging. :)

Likely this is a better way to have success with networking ahead of the conference (Social Conference Tools - Expect Poor Results). ASTD's site still hasn't provided much value for me. But maybe I'm missing it.

A few other things you might want to look at prior to going to spark ideas...
Oh, I'm doing an eLearning 2.0 Presentation at the ASTD Conference.


V Yonkers said...

Tony, I would suggest that you put together a pageflake for the ASTD conference to coordinate bloggers.

Tony Karrer said...

That assumes that there will be people going to ASTD that blog, use, twitter, etc.

Not sure if that's actually going to happen. Let's see if anyone actually sees this and comments who is going. Might be a good indicator.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little dismayed but somehow not surprised that the two biggest professional organizations I know (ASTD and ISPI) seem (as far as I can tell) so far behind in terms of applying these tools to further their own goals.

(Though if I were someone not using a laptop during a live session, I'd just as soon not sit next to someone who was -- it seems at least for now much more distracting than sitting next to someone taking notes on paper.)

Do you think conference planners aren't considering these things? Or aren't aware enough to consider them? Or are just overwhelmed with the ordinary logistics? I have no idea myself.

Beth Griese said...

I'm going to be there, and already have your session in my schedule, Tony. I'm looking forward to it and to meeting fellow bloggers/online participants.

Real shame that ASTD isn't promoting any online/2.0 communication.

[Trying to repost this from yesterday - it looks like a gremlin ate my comment attempt.]

Tony Karrer said...

Beth - I'm glad to see one person. Look forward to meeting you. We may be the only two people on Twitter and blog readers at the conference? How can that be?

V Yonkers said...

I just came across the following site for the TLt conference in Canada. It seems to me that all conferences should have a website like this.

Anonymous said...


I'm an instructional designer with programming background and can't wait for the time when both managers and learners will look at informal/collaborative learning as reality in reach, rather than another technology geek bubble. So, I was wondering if you've come across similar situations like mine: basically, I'm working in the "1.0" environment and even there, engaging e-learning is a hard sell. In the meantime, I'm learning as much as I can about 2.0and its applicability in terms of getting buy in from management. Is that common in the field? I have a specific idea in mind to start bringing in informal learning to the company. If you have some free time at the conference, I would love to hear your advice on it.


Tony Karrer said...

Zsolt - I would be more than happy to discuss this with you and I think there will be lots of other people who would want to discuss it as well.

I'm doing a session on Monday, maybe we can meet up after that.

Actually, good question - how can I arrange an information get together at the conference with people interested in this topic when I don't seem to be all that connected through my blog or twitter?