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Monday, April 16, 2007

Boston - Beer - Bloggers -

I'm just returning from my trip to Boston (and NYC and Cape Cod - with my wife and kids). In Boston, I was at the eLearningGuild event and had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Harvard Business School (more on these sometime soon).

One of the more fun things we did in Boston was going out for a beer tasting that was organized by Jim Javenkoski, and myself. You can read Jim's write-up Of beer, blogists and Boston.

We did something similar at TechKnowledge in Las Vegas - Beer Tasting at ASTD TechKnowledge but this time we had as pretty amazing group of people including: Jay Cross, Mark Oehlert, Brent Schlenker, Stephen Downes, Judy Brown, Clive Shepherd, Lance Dublin, Tom Crawford, Mark Prasatik, Melissa Dailey from HBS, a bunch of great folks from, Adam Nelson from Ninth House, Silke Fleischer, and others. Brent as kind enough to take some pictures.

Looking forward to doing something like this in Atlanta for the ASTD Conference.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! I hope you'll consider drinking some wine with us at the Brandon Hall Research Conference in September. Tom Werner is organizing a winetasting for attendees at the Beauregard Vineyards Tasting Room on the Santa Cruz Wharf.

Tony Karrer said...

Janet - if only you had invited me to speak I would certainly have taken you up on the wine tasting as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Tony- We're still in the planning stages of the conference program. We're looking for some real hands-on/interactive and innovative sessions to support the theme of the conference. Please consider submitting your ideas here. The conference should be lots of fun. Hope we'll see you. -janet