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Monday, April 02, 2007

Quick Wins in Knowledge Management

Great post by Dave Pollard - Knowledge Management: Finding Quick Wins and Long Term Value
the second Dilbert comic strip in the post is worth the visit to the page. Of course, so is the Quick Wins list. I'm probably particularly happy with the list because several items echo suggestions I've been making in posts such as:
I'm hopefully that as a community we'll all begin to understand more about specific help for these Quick Wins.

One thing I definitely would add to his list. His item #2 talks about how to organize stuff on your computer... I'd suggest that you get desktop search and learn how to use it effectively.

He also suggests a few "cheat sheets" ... I'd love to see examples of these. And when he suggests making it easy to identify experts - I like tools like Illumio for doing that, but I'm wondering what other (lower overhead) solutions exist.

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