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Monday, April 23, 2007

New Blog - and a Great Post Conference Practice

I just saw a post - Welcome to My First Post! that was good to see:
It was Tony Karrer’s session [at eLearningGuild], An Introduction to New e-Learning Technologies that inspired me to start this blog.
That's always good to see and makes you hopeful that there actually is some good coming from presenting. But it was also great to see the other comments made by this blogger about what they feel they learned from the conference, a few things they are planning to do, etc. It made me realize:
  1. This is a great thing that everyone should do coming out of a conference. Make a list of things you learned. Your aha moments. And a list of the things you plan to do.
  2. Capture this in a public forum so that other conference participants (that includes speakers) can see these and draw from them.
I'm sure this blogger is getting value just from doing #1 (as would everyone else). My guess is that taken together #2 would constitute an incredible post conference exchange of ideas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I also started my blog after attending your session at the eLearning Guild conference. Thanks for your encouragement!

B.J. Schone

Tony Karrer said...

BJ - great to see your blog. Welcome to the conversation.

Anonymous said...
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