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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Meme - Media I Consume - How about a change?

I got tagged by Luis Suarez around a new meme going around that focuses on "Media I Consume"... I'm sure you all remember the Five Things Meme that struck the blogosphere a few months ago. My initial reaction was - "Not another one." Then I took a look at the information contained in his post and saw that Nancy White had done one as well.

I'm personally not that interested in music, movies, magazines, but I was very interested how people were using the web. For example - Luis mentions:

Well, to start with, about 100 news sites from all sorts of different places, including TechMeme, TailRank, Megite, Findory, Blogniscient,, Topix, Google News, etc. and then a few other general related news. I guess just the usual stuff. One thing for sure is that whenever I need to get information on a particular subject the Web is one of the first resources I check.
This made me think about the recent DIY discussions and some prior posts around PKM and Personal Learning:

This made me realize that I would love it if this meme were actually how we have come to use the web to support personal / DIY learning. Of course we are all using Google / Yahoo to search for information on an as-needed basis. But, what else are we doing? Do you do something now that you didn't do a year ago?

I'm trying to figure out if I believe that this is a better Meme? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony! Great thoughts ! I can certainly understand your reasons behind the way we actually get to learn and apply some of that PKM. And to be honest the way I consume my media today for my own learning process is completely different to what it used to be one year ago. For instance, back then I pretty much relied, quite a bit, on making use of search engines, like Google, Yahoo! or whatever else on the Web. Nowadays, I actually have become to rely a whole lot more on my social networks to get the information ad if they fail to provide me with what I need it would be then when I would just go and use the Web in general to get daily dose.

So I think you are bringing a good point about perhaps focusing this meme along those lines. I have actually been reading with interest all of the different weblog entries you have been sharing around the subject of Learning and PKM and will be creating a weblog entry over the next few days. I already got it in my drafts and will be reflecting some more on what you have been sharing thus far. Stay tuned!

And thanks again for putting together such an interesting article around the effectiveness of memes. Plenty of food for thought over there!

Nancy White said...

Just a quick, end of a long day nearly brain dead comment - I like the value you extracted from this meme. I had not found it (yet) and was still operating out of obligation to my friends. I'm a sucker like that. Sign.

Unknown said...


For my own learning, I depend on both my feedreader and search alerts much more than I did a year ago, especially search alerts constrained to narrow topics and blogs only. By comparison I do fewer searches from the search box than a year ago. I also now find more NEW sources on my ongoing topics of interest via alerts, than I have via links from blogs that I already follow.

Neither technology has changed much in that time period, but my usage pattern sure has. I suspect it must be more about my own evolution as a learner and the relatively stability of my core interests during the past year. With this relative stability in interests, I am now more interested in an ongoing, if disconnected, conversation than I am about finding a single piece of information at a particular moment.