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Monday, February 05, 2007

Beer Tasting at ASTD TechKnowledge - Look Out eLearningGuild Annual Gathering in Boston

Are you going to the eLearningGuild Annual Gathering in Boston? If so, I've got a suggestion...

At ASTD TK07, I was invited by Jim Javenkoski (who created his blog during one of my hands on sessions) to a beer tasting event that he was doing on behalf of Unibroue. Jay Cross, Harold Jarche, Clark Quinn all were able to join me. The beer and conversation were fantastic.

I'm hoping that there will be a chance to have a similar kind of fun thing happen in Boston. The speakers in Boston look to be fantastic. On my panel session around eLearning Technologies, I have Stephen Downes, Tony O'Driscoll and Brent Schenkler - that's a wow alone. I know Jay Cross, Lance Dublin, Margaret Driscoll, Michael Allen, Bob Mosher, Mark Oehlert, Will Thalheimer and many other big thinkers are going to be there. My guess is that all of us like good beer (or wine).

Maybe we'll get lucky and have a vendor pull together an evening event. But, I'm just thinking that Boston and Beer would seem to go together.

Jay was kind enough to take some pictures ... I've put them below ...

Jim showing us a beer.

Michael (manager of the restaurant) - yep it was that good.
Me enjoying.
Jay Cross
Clark Quinn


Harold Jarche said...

Gotta love that Canadian beer :-)
Here's another photo

I had a great time. It was the highlight of the trip. Too bad I won't make Boston.

Tony Karrer said...

We will drink a beer for you Harold!

bschlenker said...

I'm all in!

Anonymous said...


Well, you can start your beer tour at the Wednesday Welcome Reception at the Guild Annual Gathering ;-)